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April 20th, 2017 by J

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After some baby mama drama last year with Ashton Kutcher’s EX, Demi Moore, Mila Kunis says she’s done pretending to be friends with her hubby’s former especially that she seems to keep on butting in still in their marriage. She got so annoyed that she went on a shopping spree at the most unexpected of places, getting herself some ‘new toys’ to play with. No, we’re not referring to kids’ toys to keep her children preoccupied while she did some chores at home, but hot momma Kunis got herself adult toys to pleasure herself in times of stress just like dealing with EX partners. Kutcher understood the need for Kunis to do this and supports her since watching her play with herself makes him horny quite fast.

We know Kunis to be very outspoken and liberated but though these are a given, many of you might still get surprised by this leaked solo video. Watch her go crazy with a transparent speculum, stretching her pussy so wide, you can fit her jelly dildo in there easily. This is a bit painful to watch but popping out two kids in just two years might’ve made her pussy muscles extra flexible in taking in huge stuff. She enjoys keeping the apparatus intact, giving us a view of what’s inside that hole, as she fucks it with her dildo.

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April 6th, 2017 by J

Hot momma Mila Kunis found a new way to spend her free time away from her lil rascals and her hubby can’t be any prouder. Proud because this is Ashton Kutcher’s ultimate fantasy for his wife, watching her pretty mouth get nailed by someone else’s massive dick. Yes, Kunis has been getting her mouth banged by random hung men, who make her gag and puke and she goes wild each time this happens.

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Kutcher teased that it’s better to fill his wife’s mouth with dicks than let her nag nonstop when things don’t go her way at home or with their kids. Some kinda unique way of shutting someone’s wife up, eh? That’s celebrities for you!

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March 30th, 2017 by J

A hot leaked sex tape of Mila Kunis reveals that she once was a babysitter and a dirty one at that. Having sex with her employer while the kids are asleep was a hobby she confessed she had a hard time letting go. We’ll see why as this hot clip will show just how wild Kunis is in bed with a former ‘client’. She sucks on his thick cock while he films the entire thing and Kunis gets her tight wet cunt fucked like her hole’s made for a dick this big. The kinky quickie is sealed with a spray of sticky cum right on Kunis’ pretty face.

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March 23rd, 2017 by J

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Some of you may have seen interviews of Mila Kunis where she didn’t hold back on whatever she thinks and spoke openly about what pisses her off and stuff like that. If these got you shaken, thinking that she’s toned down regarding her views about politics and religion, you are gravely mistaken. She is, after all, a self-confessed nasty girl and what she meant by this, we are about to unleash in this new leaked sex tape. Yes, another one. This may not be the typical shocker of boring talks about politics and whatnot but it will give you a different kind of surprise. Kunis mentioned about quitting smoking but here she is, puffing smoke in bed, and not only that, she’s actually getting fucked from behind by some anonymous dude who we’d like to think is Kutcher. She’s got her tits out as she gets banged hard ’til she got jizzed on that sexy ass of hers. Most people might have a smoke the moment they’re done banging each other but leave it to naughty Mila Kunis to be holding on to that cig the entire time her pussy’s getting drilled!

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March 15th, 2017 by J

Mila Kunis teased that a quickie is like peeing: you gotta go when you gotta go. She showed what she meant by that in this hardcore threesome video where she’s gone wild sucking and fucking two stiff dicks.

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It wasn’t planned and just like some spur of the moment thingy, while she was chilling with these lucky horny men who Kunis happens to really enjoy doing naughty things with, they weren’t able to stop themselves from diving in another wild DP fun. Kunis got her holes drilled rough and hard and got double the load of jizz, which satisfied her craving for some nice warm spunk.

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March 9th, 2017 by J

While hubby Ashton is away for business and it will take more than three days of not being with his wife and kids, Mila Kunis does what a loving and caring wife should do to make sure her hubby won’t get lonely. Every chance she gets, having time for herself while the kids are busy playing in the garden or when she just tucked them in, mommy Mila takes a backseat then changes into her sexier and naughty self. It is time to give some TLC to the man of the house anyways. This is one of their secrets, she says, to keep the marriage spicy and exciting. So, what is it exactly that Kunis gives Kutcher to keep him company? She films herself while naked on the bed and gives a hot solo show for the husband to enjoy.

Well, Kunis enjoys herself more when she knows she pleases her man and knowing his weakness, playing with her pussy using her fingers and sex toys, makes her perform better and everything ends up exactly they both planned: both are satisfied as the husband jerks off to Kunis’ kinky hobby and they both end every single session with a messy bang. Kutcher even confessed in a men’s magazine that he accidentally sprayed his junk on his coffee mug, still with his hot coffee in it, when he came hard to Kunis’ masturbation clip and almost drank the damn thing! Kunis teased that she would’ve done it for him if it will make him cum harder than usual and feed her more of his jizz.

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March 2nd, 2017 by J

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Well, aside from enjoying the act of getting her wet pussy plowed, Mila Kunis goes crazy whenever a man goes down on her. Watch how much she craves for this horny dude’s stiff tongue on her cunt in this hot leaked sex tape where Kunis ain’t just giving head and making some random jock explode, she’s totally killing it with the entire sex act until they both cum!

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February 23rd, 2017 by J

Looks like there’s more to Mila Kunis’ confession of having girl crushes because she’s not just finding those chicks pretty or sexy and admiring the way they contribute to society through good causes but she’s involved with some of them in a more intimate level. Not like we didn’t know that she has this skeleton in that huge walk-in closet but at times we do need to see to believe. We got lucky discovering this hardcore lesbian sex tape of hers and no, it ain’t some role she’s playing on some new film but this shit, as they say, got fuckin’ real!

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With her in the hot scene is an equally sexy yet busty woman who looks as though she would eat Kunis whole while teasing her on cam. Though they did end up playing with each others fine cunts, they had fun eating each others twats and finger-banging too. And since Kunis didn’t bring any of her toys along to pleasure herself and her girlfriend, they opted for a more kinky way of stimulating their stiff clits by rubbing their pussies on each other until they reached orgasm and spilled pussy juice on each other.

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February 16th, 2017 by J

If Mila Kunis’ hubby was into cougars, she has some appetite for much older men to get naughty with too. Most likely one of the reasons why Kunis and Kutcher clicked, they enjoy the same wild things. Watch her in this hardcore leaked sex tape as she gets drilled hard and deep by her lover, filling her cunt with his stiff dick, better than Kutcher could’ve done!

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February 9th, 2017 by J

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One of the best things in a life of a celebrity is getting almost whatever the hell they want. Mila Kunis is one of ’em lucky ones to enjoy such privilege even as a married woman. To spice things up with her sex life, she still gets down and dirty with one of her BBC pals simply because he gives her something more in bed, which Ashton Kutcher can’t seem to ever place. But we all know it’s always, always the massive cock of course. Kunis enjoys getting her filthy mouth and pussy stretched by a larger piece of meat and sorry to say, the hubby doesn’t qualify for even the word ‘big’ when it comes to sizin’ up his dick. Watch Kunis suck and fuck this BBC until she gets a load of his juice on her face and tits.