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January 18th, 2017 by jayq

For every sexy scene in a movie where Mila Kunis needed to do some naughty stunts, she has her ways of preparing for these and it will blow anyone’s mind. Why? Well, because celebrities only need to act it out or pretend having sex and taking someone’s cock inside their pussy but for Kunis, she likes the real deal so she could ‘act it out’ much better and it will look authentic. You didn’t see this comin’, huh? Being the sultry sex siren that she is, this shoudn’t be a shock but wait ’til you watch this hot leaked video of hers. All naked and horny on the bed, playing with her cunt and getting drilled by a fuck machine set by her director.

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She does this so she could handle her co-stars’ huge dicks whenever they have to stick ’em inside her pussy and fuck away. Kunis doesn’t like feeling like a virgin each time she’s playing a role on screen while having sex with a hung dude. She enjoys sex more if she’s already used to their size and this gets her more in the mood of giving her all with regards to doing her roles. Watch how she does this naughty routine and she’s sure to get that cock hard and you’d have to do something about it before your boner causes you pain. Kunis getting wild and moaning while this lucky fuck machine’s plowing her hole is something you’d wanna watch every single day. Trust me, you will be playing this masturbation video again and again because Kunis is hot like that.

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January 11th, 2017 by jayq

Forget about your obsession with Mila Kunis’ steamy lesbo scene in that boring ballet film because this hardcore private yoga class she just gave a chick will blow your minds! Kunis is, for reals, addicted to cunts and she squirts like a ton while having lesbian sex with her clients. Just watch her go hardcore in this particular session where she unleashed her pussy obsession, finger-banging and eating this wild bitch’s twat and they end up squirting on each other’s naked bodies and filling pussy juice in each other’s filthy mouths.

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January 5th, 2017 by jayq

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Mila Kunis did have a parting gift for her then long-time boyfriend, Macaulay Culkin, just to show that they will stay as good friends. Kunis was dared by Culkin to record herself doing something naughty and share it with her fans to which Kunis responded with twice as much enthusiasm in this wild sex tape. Before she got hitched, she surprised her fans with this hot revelation wherein she proved she doesn’t give a damn about what other people might think about her personality and went all the way hardcore sucking on some anonymous dude’s dick and getting her pussy fucked. There were rumors that this was the reason why Ashton Kutcher went back to banging younger chicks and got entangled in her trap.

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December 22nd, 2016 by jayq

If her husband, Ashton Kutcher, is into cougars so much that he even married one before plunging into a much younger babe like Mila Kunis, Kunis has been secretly having some wild fuck sessions with a man almost twice her age when she was a lil bit younger. Well, it was a secret until her hot video leaked just the moment it was announced that Kutcher and herself got engaged. People made such a fuss about it and even made Kutcher’s EX wife, Demi Moore, into a culprit who wanted to sabotage the wedding. This wasn’t true of course and fans of all three celebrities remained their fans and Kunis even gained more because they said she’s wilder and hotter in this amateur sex tape than she was in the film Black Swan.

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These perverts did jack off to Kunis’ kinky lesbian scene in the movie but they find her to be much more of the sex siren when she’s getting banged and sprayed with cum in real life. Who doesn’t want to watch that? Lucky you coz we have the full clip right here and you can jerk off to the real Mila Kunis fully naked on cam and getting plowed real rough by her former BBC lover. No scripts here, just your pure fantasy of Kunis having hot sex cumming to life!

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November 23rd, 2016 by jayq

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While hubby is away, Mila Kunis plays with herself and let him watch on the screen. Popping a kid into this world pumped up her titties this big and we all like it. A lot. But she’s such a tease that she only flashes them through that white tank top while toying with her cunt on the bed. She says this trick always works and it makes Ashton come home earlier than expected because he wanted to suck on those bare breasts so bad.

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July 4th, 2016 by jayq

Wonder no more because here is the answer as to how Mila Kunis channeled her inner lesbo in the film Black Swan. She’s one hardcore teen chick who experiments with sex while accompanied by her slutty girlfriend. This is right after having some steamy fuck session with the guys of course. Kunis finds it both pleasurable, with either male or female, but you’ll see just how much she’s having so much fun finger-banging, getting finger-banged, and getting her pussy eaten as well as eating her GF’s wet twat.

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She admits she moans and screams so much more if it’s a chick’s tongue and lips on her drippin’ wet snatch. So it’s just fitting that while eating Natalie Portman’s cunt on set, she knows exactly how to please and be pleased by a woman. She practiced in real life, she applies it wherever she goes. She does look like having the time of her life all naked and horny as she gets her pussy feasted on. If another chick can please her this much, you need to step up your game to make Mila Kunis say yes to your hookup proposals.

Mila Kunis: “I Wanna Break Free”

June 24th, 2010 by ms.kunis

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For years, audiences have closely identified Mila Kunis with the role of teen nymphette Jackie Burkhart in the sitcom That ’70s Show. Mila has been trying to break away that role for a while now. This hasn’t happened until she played Rachel Jansen in the 2008 movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, co-produced by Judd Apatow. She had originally auditioned for another Apatow film, Knocked Up. Although she did not get that part, her audition led to the role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Kunis said that the improvisation done in the film was challenging, but “the best kind of challenging… a great exercise”.

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall got positive reviews  and was a commercial success, grossing over a hundred million worldwide.  The sexy actress’ performance in the film was well-received; Joe Morgenstern praised Kunis for her “fresh beauty and focused energy” in The Wall Street Journal,  while James Berardinelli wrote that the young hottie is “adept with her performance and understands the concept of comic timing”.  She got nominated for a Teen Choice Award.

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In an interview, Kunis said: “I give Judd Apatow so much love for hiring me and letting me do something different, letting me break free of That ‘70s Show, letting me show that I could do something outside of Jackie.” For more Mila Kunis naked photos, just click on the link.

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March 4th, 2010 by ms.kunis

Here we have Mila Kunis, up for some kinky teasing in her lingerie, before she invites you to lunge at her and fuck her waiting pussy, right on top of the piano keys! Don’t you just love a woman who knows how to play? I personally think that chicks know how to please a man when they pull something like this just for you, and in my case, seeing Mila in lingerie, with her titties and loose clit showing through, is the perfect treat for a guy like me. You can even check Mila Kunis out loosening her asshole for you, because she knows a guy would love to fuck every hole in a chick’s body if given the chance. But I wouldn’t mind ramming my cock just on that delectable pussy! She looks tight, despite being such a whore to cocks and men, and the thought of feeling my dick slide in and out of that cunt is just about making me ready to cum! Now that pic of hers spreading her legs from behind is making me horny; I’d love to fuck her doggy style, with those boots and skimpy lingerie still on for her to tear through in ecstasy.

Now that I’m done fantasizing over here,  you can go check out Mila Kunis’ hot hot hot lingerie photos for yourself, and make your own happy conclusions.

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March 4th, 2010 by ms.kunis

What would be the perfect island getaway experience? Well, as these photos suggest, it would mean, white, sandy beachfronts, blue skies, comfortable hammocks tied between tropical trees, and the biggest attraction: Mila Kunis naked, plopped right on the hammock with her tits, ass, and pussy enjoying the sun and waiting for your cock to ride her.

She’s such a tempting slut, isn’t she? I’ve never fucked a chick on a hammock before, but while it looks like it would be a rough-and-tumble business, it would be fucking awesome to ram my cock inside a chick’s pussy as the hammock rocks harder and harder, until my cock goes limp from blasting Mila’s vagina with my own cum. That would be an awesome ending to a beach vacation, huh? But who said anything about ending it? We’ve got enough pictures of Mila out and about, naked as fuck, ready to make every day a vacation. So click to see these sexy hot naked pics of Mila Kunis, and start fucking her pussy against the coconut trees!

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If you’ve ever wanted to see how That 70’s Show hottie Mila Kunis goes down for some excellent cock-sucking, you’re on the right page. The seventies might have been more conservative than our time, but that doesn’t mean Mila is any less of a virgin when it comes blowing cock and getting streams of cum decorated all over her horny face! And with a pretty face like that, it’s about time somebody applied the necessary layer of cum to complete her slutty makeover! And who doesn’t love a chick who comes looking for cum facials? With these awesome hot blowjob pictures of Mila Kunis, you’ll see her on her knees, jacking off cocks like a pro, sucking every last drop of cum like a baby on her mother’s tits, and letting it dribble off her still hungry mouth.

Don’t think Mila Kunis is a stranger to handling dick; just like her slutty character Jackie, Mila is just hangin’ around boys and waiting for one of them to come fuck her in the mouth. And true enough, we’ve got these pictures of Mila Kunis squeezing the cum out of cocks like she’s on a sperm shopping spree. And you know what? She is! Click on the link to check this hot slut out wrapping her hands and mouth around cocks waiting to fill her with jizz.